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Juno Sorell

Juno Sorell is a multidisciplinary artist from South Florida. His themes of art are usually centered around his experience of being born into a restrictive religious cult. Sorell’s visual art mediums include sculpture, ceramics, photomontage printmaking, soundscapes and photography. His inspirations often stem from the dark creatures and trauma of his childhood, seen in delusional passing or in vivid nightmares. Sorell’s work naturally gravitates towards themes of gore, fear, trauma, disability, spirituality, and sensuality. He has developed comfort being an artist that speaks to his existence while being an activist for others of similar experiences. He creates with a purpose of healing himself and facilitating a conversation about unusual and/or controversial concepts such as systemic oppression in regards to race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. Sorell was named 2023 receipt of the Marny Glasser Scholarship and nominated to represent FAU for the Atlantic Center Of the Art in 2023.

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