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The BAckstage Art exhibition is a collaborative effort showcasing the works of eighteen student artists from the Studio Art BA program at FAU. These artists all have different preferences for mediums, style, and life experiences that lead to their own unique creations. This exhibition serves to highlight the artistic endeavors of these emerging artists as they begin their professional careers. BAckstage Art seeks to promote upcoming artists who may be lesser known, emphasizing the role of art students as the unseen force that operates backstage in the art world.    

Featured Artists: Tori Abelson, Chayse Auclair, TaNia Clark, Rose Colacci, Deborah Colindres, Nawly Damier, Samantha Destin, Stephanie Dinnen, Jes Fields, Bree Elle Heyniger, Aisha Mai, Jessica Miller, Natalie Muñoz, Sergio Pimentel, Thiago Silva, Juno Sorell, Hailee Sova, and Janiya Walden. 
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