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Janiya Walden

Walden_ Artist photo.JPG

Artist Bio

Janiya Walden is an upcoming fashion designer and artist. She is graduating in spring 2023 with her bachelor's of arts. Janiya focuses on utilizing Fabrics, textiles, fabric paint, and occasionally uses a sewing machine to create her art and designs. Janiya’s overall theme is to spread her message that fashion is art and how the fashion world and art world influence each other. Janiya successfully gets her message across by making actual clothing pieces with an artistic touch that involves painting custom-made garments, sculptural silhouettes of clothing, or exaggerated fashion illustrations. You can currently see her work in the 2023 juried exhibition at the MetroLAB in Fort Lauderdale. Janiya continues to strengthen and push her artwork, she is currently working on a wearable art piece that includes multiple suit ties to make an entire dress. 

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