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Deborah Colindres

Colindres_ Artist Photo.jpg

Artist Bio

Deborah Colindres is a mixed media artist based in South Florida. She is graduating in Spring of 2023 with her BA degree in Studio Art from Florida Atlantic University, and plans to build a career as a freelance artist with a focus on illustration and visual development. Deborah attributes her artistic career to her mother, who she believes was her first art teacher and set the foundations for all of her disciplinary interests today. Deborah’s disciplines include painting and drawing- both traditional and digital, as well as ceramics. In her work Deborah prioritizes the use of 3 basic techniques. Specific color choice sets the tone of the piece, an arranged perspective includes the viewer as part of the piece, and gesture gives animation and life to the piece. 

To see more of Deborah's work, visit her instagram.

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