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Bree Elle Heyniger


Artist Bio

Born February 23, 2000, Bree Elle is a studio artist from Palm Beach, Florida. Currently, she is pursuing her BFA at Florida Atlantic University, where she works with various media, including acrylic paint, clay, resin, and metal. As many young girls do, Bree battled with body dysmorphia as a teenager. This influenced her choice to display the femininity she has learned to embrace through empowerment and expression in her art pieces. For an early age Bree was deeply rooted to the emotions of hers and the people around her. This has given her a unique connection and perspective with the individuals she portrays in her art. She says the principal factor in her work is the energy the model radiates. Bree began pursuing her full-time art career in 2021 and has now launched her first solo exhibition, “Art Et La Femme ” in March 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida.


Check out more of her work on her website

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