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Aisha Mai

Aisha Mai

Artist Bio

Aisha Mai Thomas-Lau (b. 2001) a Florida based multidisciplinary artist from the U.S.  In her work, Aisha explores themes such as intersectional feminism, religion, and cultural identity.  Culture has played a significant role in influencing her artist style and subject matter within her works. Moving to Spain at a very early age and currently based in South Florida, art has been something that has consistently stuck with her while being in an environment that was constantly changing.

Aisha is currently pursuing her BA in Studio Art at Florida Atlantic University. This experience has allowed her to delve into a variety of mediums, which include ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, and photography, alongside drawing and painting. Aisha’s work has been featured in both the 2021 and 2023 FAU Galleries Juried Student Art Exhibitions. She was named the 2022 Recipient for the Portfolio Review Awards: Esther Saylor Rothenberger Endowed Scholarship for Humanities, as well as the 2022 Clair V. Dorst Art Scholarship.

See more of Aisha's work on her instagram.

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